Mycro Hunter.

A mobile application where users perform tasks in exchange for crypto's.

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The Problem

Currently, there is a major lack of trust in this industry.

Bounty hunters and growth hackers are often scammed by projects and never receive their well-earned coins or tokens.

Projects are often scammed by people who are not trustworthy and legit. These scammers are trying to get coins/tokens without working for it.

The Solution

Mycro Hunter. The world's first trustless bounty and growth-hacking mobile application.

Payment guarantee Complete bounty or growth hacking budgets are paid into the Mycro escrow smart contract before the campaign starts. This means full transparency with 100% payment guarantee for all participants.

True reputations Hunters who participate in many campaigns and perform lots of tasks, will be acknowledged for their high performance. This reputation will be transferable across all applications that use the Mycro Protocol. Also, scammers are banned completely from all applications that use the Mycro protocol.


January 2020

    Launch Mycro Hunter V1 „Onboarding“ in iOS Testflight and Google Playstore

    Login process

    Decentralized Mycro Wallet

    Profile creation

    Facebook campaigns

February 2020


    Onboarding Hunters and Projects

    Bug fixing

Q2 2020

    Launch Full Version Mycro Hunter V1 for iOS and Android

    Active campaigns

    Automatic weekly payment

Q3 2020

    New types of bounty and growth hacking campaigns: Twitter, Instagram and Telegram

    Push notifications

    Refer-a-friend program

    Unlock wallet with face ID/fingerprint

Q4 2020

    Automatic register process for projects

    Automatic campaign creation on Mycro Hunter

    Escrow contract for distribution of campaign reward to substitute the wallet

    Reputation system

    Rewarding system

The Role of the Mycro Token

"Nothing happens
without me."

Tradeable on Bitforex


Hunters/Hackers need a certain amount of MYO in their wallet in order to participate in campaigns.

Projects need a certain amount of MYO in their wallet in order to onboard new Hunters/Hackers to their campaign.


Projects are able to pay their hunters with MYO during the campaigns.


Hunters/Hackers receive MYO after successfully completing a campaign. The reward is distributed from the reward pool.

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