AVAILABLE NOW! Mycro Hunter.

Earn crypto rewards by performing simple tasks on Social Media

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For Hunters

Earn unlimited crypto’s, all within one App.

All campaigns are pre-funded, all tokens are valuable and all projects are verified.

All rewards are displayed within the app and distributed automatically to your Mycro Hunter wallet.

Submit your task with one single click in the app and your task will be automatically checked. No need to report any links!

For Projects

Boost your project and get supported by thousands of crypto enthusiasts.

Build up your community and attract potential investors.

Let Mycro Hunter do the work. Everything is completely automated once your campaign is active. Just sit back and watch your community grow!

All users on Mycro Hunter are verified and unique.


  • Q4 2020

    • Development Facebook campaigns
    • Payment system
    • Decentralized Mycro Wallet Testing
    • Testing & Bugfixing
  • Q1 2021

    • Launch Mycro Hunter (full version)
    • Active campaigns
    • Onboarding new projects
  • Q2 2021

    • Introducing new social media campaigns (Twitter, Instagram and/or Telegram)
    • Push notifications
    • Refer-a-friend program
    • Unlock wallet with face ID/fingerprint
  • Q3 2021

    • Automatic register process for projects
    • Automatic campaign creation on Mycro Hunter
    • Reputation system
    • Rewarding system

Token Economics

"Nothing happens without me."
MYO $0.04 -18.39%
Tradeable on Bitforex


  • Hunters need a certain amount of MYO in their wallet in order to participate in campaigns.
  • Projects need a certain amount of MYO in their wallet in order to onboard new Hunters to their campaign.


  • Projects are able to pay their hunters with MYO during the campaigns.